tiffanie curls

Tiffanie Amazon Reviewer Size: 1.25" Diameter

I will never buy a regular length curling iron again! The time it took to do my hair was cut in half. The curls are even throughout the entire length. One pass! I loved the results of the 1 1/4″ barrel size. 180 degrees is lower than a lot of brands lowest temperature setting but it’s about all the heat my fine hair needs. I tested the heat with a thermometer before I used it for the first time because I read too many horror story reviews on Amazon for OTHER curling irons malfunctioning and burning off chunks of hair… Mr. Big is accurate – 180 setting was 180 degrees. I got a full day like the pictures I posted, which is good for my hair. It normally falls flat after a few hours. Buy this. It’s worth spending a little more for a good tool that you will have and enjoy using for years.

carrie curls

Cassey Amazon Reviewer Size: 1.25" Diameter

This is amazing! It gets super hot and works for my long hair!

House book addict Amazon Reviewer Size: 1" Diameter

The photos say it all !! See before and after! Nonstop compliments!!

stoneshopper Amazon Reviewer Size: 1.25" Diameter

Move over Beachwaver- Mr. Big is AMAZING! So easy to use and it literally makes my curls much more smooth and takes away any frizz. This curling iron is perfect for medium to super long hair of ALL types! It has become my new favorite and I don’t travel without it. I highly recommend buying this, you won’t be disappointed! 5 STARS!!!!

Emily Amazon Reviewer Size: 1.25" Diameter

This thing is amazing for long hair!!  I think the material of the barrel is different from anything I ever used before because my curls are voluminous and last!! I even brushed them out with hairspray to have a softer look, and they slowly bounced back into soft ringlets. I love it!!! I have thinnish straight silver-dyed hair that likes to not hold a curl. So this puppy works. IN LOVE. BUY THIS CURLING IRON

kirsten Amazon Reviewer Size: 1" Diameter

Love love love Mr. Big and I use it every day. I get tons of compliments on my hair!  Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Long hair is quick to style with Mr. Big!

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