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Whether you have long hair, extensions, or want to grow your hair out, you’ve come to the right place!

Tress XL is dedicated to the health and beauty of your long hair and our products reflect that commitment. We are the new home to the fabulous Mr Big Curling Irons – longest curling irons on the market – and our other products are designed with your long hair in mind.

Seeing is believing!  Watch our videos and read the reviews of our happy customers.  New products are coming soon so stay tuned!  

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It’s time to go Big…  because SIZE really does matter!




Mr Big Curling Irons

Mr Big has longest barrels on the market!  It will curl your hair from root to tip in a single pass. Curl double the amount of hair as other irons in half the time.Mr Big is a professional quality, dual voltage iron but at consumer pricing. Choose from 1.25 inch, 1 inch, and 3/4 inch.

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Hair Care & Accessories

We are in the process of developing top of the line hair care products designed to make your life easier and your hair more luxurious.  Coming soon are the best quality hair brushes and combs for long hair, shampoos free of sulfates, allergens, and harsh chemicals, and accessories with your long hair in mind. 

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…It all started with Mr Big. The Mr Big Curling Irons have ULTRA-extended barrels and will curl your long hair from root to tip in a single pass!  No more double curling your hair ever again.  And less curling time equals less damage to your precious hair.  Simple, right?  Mr Big is Dual Voltage and comes in 3 sizes:  1.25″, 1″, and 3/4″.  Find out more here.

Coming soon are special hair care products to help return your hair to its healthiest state.  Let our natural hair products restore lustre to your hair and help it grow faster than ever before.  From sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, special hair growth oils, and even anti-static brushes and combs, our new products are being hand picked for the best quality and value for your long hair.

Whether you’re looking for products designed with your long hair in mind, or if you want your shorter hair returned to its former long glory, Mr Big’s got you covered!  Watch here to see how Mr Big can curl over 30 inches of hair in a single pass!




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The BEST for CLARA in the


“The photos say it all !! See before and after!
Nonstop compliments!!”

House book addict

Amazon Reviewer, Size: 1" Diameter



“This is amazing! It gets super hot and works for
my long hair!”


Amazon Reviewer, Size: 1.25" Diameter

This curling iron is going to end up

with a cult following. It’s perfect.

“I will never buy a regular length curling iron again! The time it took to do my hair was cut in half.”


Amazon Reviewer, Size: 1.25" Diameter

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